Whether it’s reaching out to a CEO, or conducting email campaigns, or even contacting the owner of a blog for SEO partnerships, we need email addresses.

However, searching for these email addresses can be quite tiresome and even at times fruitless. Don’t worry. You’ve reached the right place.

We have curated a comprehensive list of proven methods and tools to help you succeed in finding anyone’s email addresses in a matter of seconds. Dive in!

How do you find email addresses in under a minute:  9 Super-effective methods

You don’t need to keep searching for hours on end to find email addresses. With these 9 super-effective practices, you won’t even need a minute to find anyone’s email address. 

1. Use an email finder

Using an email finder is arguably the best method to find email addresses. 

Enter the person’s name or his website, and the email finder fetches all the relevant email addresses in a few seconds. You can even bulk search the emails of your prospects with these tools.  Ideally, this method is super-easy, quick, and accurate.

However, all this depends on the tool you use. While some may not be very efficient, the others offer free searches with undesirable limitations that force you to opt for expensive plans. 

So, you need to be very cautious while choosing your email finders. On a bright note, the market offers efficient email finders with competitive pricing. 

We have curated a list of the best email lookup tools with their blue-ribbon features and pricing – take a look.

  1. SalesQL
  2. Snov.io
  3. Hunter
  4. RocketReach
  5. FindThatLead

2. Subscribe to target’s mailing list

Most probably your prospect’s website will have an email list and might be featuring newsletters. If so, subscribe to the email list as most often these newsletters are sent to the subscribers from a personal address. 

But let’s say these newsletters are not sent from a personal address, you still stand a chance to find the email address. Just try replying to these newsletters, with a doubt or an opinion. You will probably receive a response. 

Subscribe to target's mailing list

Thereby you can build a relationship with the prospect company and can eventually get a chance to find the personal email address. This method is quick and easy but there’s no certainty of finding the email address every time.

3. Connect through contact forms

It’s hard to find any website that does not have a contact form or a generic email address for general inquiries. This department may not be handled directly by the prospect but rather by their admin staff. 

You can drop a mail to them or just ask via the contact form as to how you can get in touch with the prospect. You can also state a genuine reason to arouse their interest and establish your credibility.

Connect through contact forms

4. Run through Author pages

The author’s page can prove to be a gold mine of information sometimes. This page is mostly linked to the author’s name provided in the article of the prospect’s blog or website. 

The author page can contain a lot of details, especially if they have employed the default themes and settings of WordPress. From email addresses to social media profiles to the information about the organizations they work for, the author page might contain all the details you need.

Run through Author pages

If your prospect is the author himself/herself, then scavenging the author page is one of the best options out there. If the author works for your prospect, you can get in touch with the author, build a relationship and ask for the business or personal email address of the prospect.

5. Google your Prospect

This must not have come across as a surprise, but a Google search should not be overlooked.  Google is one of the easiest ways to find your prospect’s email address. 

Well, yes, you can’t expect results every time, but if it’s one or two email addresses that you are looking for, then you might get lucky. 

You can type in the full name of your target and see if desirable results come up. Mostly, their social media profiles show up in your search results and you can find their email address from it. 

However, if your prospect has a common name, then this process proves to be a bit more difficult. Yet, you can try your luck by narrowing down the search. Just enter the prospect name in the following format and search:

[name] + contact

[name] + “hometown”

[name] +  “company they work for”

[name] +  Linkedin

[name] +  ZoomInfo

If you are familiar with the company website of the target, then you can try out the following queries:

site:companywebsite.com + [name]

site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact

site:companywebsite.com + firstname [at] companyname.com

site:companywebsite.com + firstname.lastname [at] companyname.com

site:companywebsite.com + firstname_lastname [at] companyname.com

site:companywebsite.com + firstnamelastname [at] companyname.com

6. Twitter’s advanced search

You can make use of Twitter’s advanced search to scavenge the tweets or bio where your prospects have mentioned their email addresses. You can search for the addresses specifically in the targeted Twitter accounts.

Go to Twitter’s Advanced Search and search for your prospect’s tweet. You can add words like ’email’, ‘reach’, ‘contact’, and similar ones in the field, ‘Words’. Under accounts, you can type in your prospect’s Twitter handle. 

Twitter's advanced search

Sometimes, people hide their email addresses from bots by using words like ‘dot’ and ‘at’ in place of ‘.’ and ‘@’. In such cases, you can try phrases like ’email at ‘ and its likes to find the address.

When nothing works, you can simply try to connect with them over Twitter (tweets, mentions, and DMs) and ask for their email address.

7. WHOIS Lookup

If your prospect owns a website, you can sometimes find his/her contact details in the website’s WHOIS information. 

Everyone with a domain is required to disclose their contact details by law. This data, provided while registering a domain, will give you all basic information (company details, the contact information of the domain owner, domain availability status) about it. 

WHOIS Lookup

Go to who.is and enter the supposed domain of the prospect you are searching for and click search. When so much is done you can find the email address used to register the domain.

However, you might not succeed every time as WHOIS also offers an option to hide certain information from the public.

8. Simply search on social media

People often provide all their basic information while setting up a profile on social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. 

You can head over to the bio and about section of their social media profiles and simply check for their email addresses. 

Simply search on social media

Well, if this method doesn’t work (some hide their details) , you can resort to the good old way of finding email addresses. Simply reach out to your prospects through social media and ask them for their email address.

Exporting Linkedin Connections – Does it actually work?

The ability to export connections was one great advantage that LinkedIn provided. A few scrolls and clicks were all that was needed to get all the information of your connections including the email ids. 

In fact, you might have already come across sources that point out this as one of the best ways to find email addresses. 

But here’s the catch.

Exporting Linkedin Connections

Linkedin no longer gives you the provision to download data from the ‘Privacy’ section and therefore, you will not be able to extract details like email addresses now. 

But you don’t have to worry. You can still extract the emails and other details in a flash via email finders like SalesQL. 

An email finder might demand an initial investment but in the long run, it not only finds you accurate results but also saves time and effort by leading to successful campaigns.

5 Best Tools and Extensions to find email addresses of your target

We did our research and found the best 5 email lookup tools in the market based on efficiency and affordability. Here are our finds:

1. SalesQL

If your intention is to partner with your prospects for elevating your business, then SalesQL is the ideal email lookup tool for you. 

SalesQL is a Linkedin email lookup tool that swiftly brings you all the validated emails, both business and personal along with other contact details like company name, contact number, and more. 

SalesQL Homepage

The built-in email classifier and the contact manager of this tool, help you manage and store all the contact details of your prospects in a single place while providing you with classified email addresses. You also have the ability to store contact details in lists and custom views etc.

SalesQl tool screenshot

And what’s more? You can find email addresses for free! 

Free Plan: Available(50 credits/month).

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month (1500 credits). 

2. Snov.io

Snov.io is one of the most popular email-finding tools in the market. The tool lets you identify and retrieve all business emails of your prospect no matter how many organizations he/she is associated with. It identifies the organizations that the prospect is connected with and fetches all the related emails. 

Snov.io Homepage

Two of the best features of Snov.io are its ability to create custom drip email campaigns and its Contact Manager which does a great job in fetching and managing details like skills, past experience, social networks, etc. 

However, Snov.io does not provide any personal emails of prospects. 

Free plan: Available (50 credits per month).

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month (1000 credits). 

3. Hunter.io

Hunter.io also works pretty well when it comes to finding email addresses. The email lookup tool is a part of its own lead generation platform that also offers email verification and mail tracking services (for Gmail). 

Hunter.io Homepage

You can enter a name and a targeted domain or do a simple API call, and Hunter will bring you all the possible verified emails of your prospect in the particular domain. 

You can also conduct both single and bulk domain searches with Hunter, yet on the downside, the tool is quite basic and may not be the best choice for an advanced search.

Free plan: Available (50 requests per month).

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month (500 requests). 

4. RocketReach

RocketReach is yet another popular tool for finding anyone’s email address. It helps you find the contact details of prospects on social profiles like Crunchbase, Angelist, Linkedin, and others.

Apart from that, the tool also offers list enrichment. For example, if you have an existing list of prospects with some missing points, all you should do is upload it and the tool fills in the rest of the details.

RocketReach Homepage

Free Plan: The tool lets you find email addresses for free, but it is limited to only 3 searches/ month.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month (170 lookups).

5. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is a great email lookup tool if you are into bulk searching email by domain or conducting simple email campaigns. 

The tool fetches the name, domain, and email. However, on the downside, you can only access one business email per Linkedin profile. Like Snov.io, FindThatLead does not retrieve personal emails. The contact manager is also simple and basic. 

This tool cannot be used for sophisticated searches, but it proves to be quite efficient if you are specifically looking for an email address only.

FindThatLead Homepage

Free plan: Available ( 50 credits per month)

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month (5000 credits). 

How to find the authenticity of an email address at a glance?

Well, let’s say you used one of these methods and you succeeded in finding the email of your prospect but your email bounces back. So, the chances are that the email you found was not valid. Now that’s a problem, but with solutions. 

What you can do is opt for email finders that offer verification services as well. SalesQL for instance finds valid email addresses at lightning speed. 

You don’t have to find the email address and then verify it again. The tool does both the finding and verification simultaneously. This way you don’t have to fear about your email bouncing back and as a bonus, you save oodles of time!

Now, if you are using another method to find email addresses, you can use free email verification services to validate them.

Well, that was our guide to finding email addresses in less than 60 seconds. Hope it helps you find quality leads!

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