Hubspot is the most popular free CRM so there is a high interest in how to import LinkedIn contacts to Hubspot, ideally with contact information.

The official way of importing Linkedin contacts to Hubspot

There is an official marketplace integration but there are two important limitations:

  1. It only works in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team Edition (~$135 per month)

If you are using the regular version of Sales Navigator (or any other kind of account), after enabling the app in the Hubspot Marketplace you will see this message:

LinkedIn to Hubspot Upgrade to Integrate
The official integration only works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator “Team Edition”

2. You can’t send contacts from LinkedIn to Hubspot, it works differently

The way the official integration works is, it matches Hubspot contacts with Linkedin Sales Navigator using the data you already have in Hubspot.

If you already have a profile in Hubspot with his business email, you will be able to “Match” the Hubspot profile with the LinkedIn profile:

Matching Hubspot contact with LinkedIn
You can only match contacts that are part of your Hubspot account

After clicking on “Match” you are able to see the LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile:

Hubspot contact already matched with LinkedIn
After doing the match, you can see all the profile data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There are other features like sending InMails directly from Hubspot, but unfortunately none of these features are the one you are looking for.

The best way: using third party apps

Fortunately, there are third-party apps that allow you to send LinkedIn profiles directly to Hubspot, some of them are:

  1. SalesQL
  3. Hubris

From these options, we highly recommend using SalesQL for importing Linkedin contacts to Hubspot.

Why SalesQL?

The reasons SalesQL is great for importing LinkedIn profiles to Hubspot are:

  1. It supports all LinkedIn versions, including the free version of LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter, etc.
  2. It has native, direct integration with Hubspot
  3. It extracts profiles in bulk, including your 1st LinkedIn connections, or any 2nd and 3rd connections, any search page, etc.
  4. It searches for emails and phone numbers, no matters if it’s a 2nd or 3rd LinkedIn connection, you don’t need any extra service or process for this

How to send LinkedIn contacts to Hubspot

So finally these are the steps for sending any LinkedIn contact to Hubspot at the same time you search for emails and phone numbers:

1. Install the SalesQL Chrome extension

The SalesQL Chrome Extension is able to extract these profiles and search for emails and phone numbers at the same time:

SalesQL extract profiles and search for emails

2. Enable the Hubspot integration

After installing the Chrome Extension and creating a SalesQL account, you will be able to enable the native Hubspot integration:

Hubspot native integration from SalesQL
Hubspot native integration from SalesQL

This is a native integration, it means that it’s super easy to enable and you don’t need to pay extra for a connection software like Zapier or export/import the data manually.

3. Enjoy!

That’s it! Any new contact you add in SalesQL from LinkedIn will be sent in real-time to Hubspot, including the contact email, the contact phone, the company information, etc.

Here is the full process in action:

linkedin to hubspot screencast
Here we extract a profile from LinkedIn and it’s sent in real-time to Hubspot, including the email address

What else I can do?

SalesQL has several powerful features including:

  1. Extracting your 1st connections from LinkedIn and sending the data directly to Hubspot
  2. Bulk extracting contacts from LinkedIn search results, supporting all major LinkedIn versions, and also sending all these bulk data to Hubspot in real-time.
  3. Saving your contacts into lists (projects), and all these projects will be in sync with Hubspot static lists

Have any questions, suggestions, or feedback? Send them over to support (at), we are always available to help.

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