So, you find your prospects & their email addresses and feel like they might be the right fit to work with. What next? You have to start communicating with them, and how do you begin? Well, this blog will guide you on how to send the ideal outreach email to your prospects and the dos and don’ts of it. 

What is an outreach email?

An outreach email is typically an email or campaign sent to an individual or prospect to initiate a positive relationship with the individual. An outreach email can be used for all sorts of purposes. For example, to initiate new relationships, lead generation, expanding networks, and a lot more. When done right, outreach email marketing can get you places. 

Factors to look out for

  • Identifying audience

    Knowing your audience is the first and foremost step in writing the ideal outreach email. Now, this does not necessarily mean you will have to know the person in and out, but you should do your research to meet the ideas and interests in the best interest of you and the prospect. This helps you to tailor messages specifically to the prospect.
Identifying audience
  • What are their leisure times

    Upon identifying your audience you will now have to categorize your prospects based on their schedule. Some prospects can be super busy, and some can have more of a leisure schedule, and the way you approach them both is different. Try to be straightforward and cut to the point with what you have to say with the super busy people and take a more casual route with someone who has a less busy schedule. Compliment their piece of work and then seep in your points.
  • Prospect’s interests

    Probably the most important aspect to look for. Look for prospects who share the same interests and niche as you. If you target an individual out of your niche, it isn’t helping you or the prospect. If your interests and domains match together, you can then recruit and create a positive work environment.

Key points for sending an outreach email

  • Compile a list of targets

    Now that you’ve found prospects to send outreach emails to, you must send the right stuff to the right individuals. Planning your content before you send it out is key. Compile a spreadsheet, write down your targets, and set goals and methods of approach for all of them. This makes your process easier. 
Compile a list of targets
  • Get verified email addresses

    After you’ve found your targets, and you will have to obtain their contact details like email addresses to contact them directly. Now getting email addresses manually is time-consuming, and we don’t want that. Using an efficient email finding tool can simplify this process to its best. Some of the best email finding tools in the market are SalesQl,, Voila Norbert, etc. You can go for the free versions first to see what fits your business outreach email template. 
  • Use Outreach Email Template

    Using templates will come in handy when trying to scale and reach a larger audience. Sure, look for inspirations but add your flavor and touch to it. Your template has to stand out from the general crowd to catch the eyes of your prospects. You can even try to add in a little humor if you are confident. It is about how creative and authentic your outreach email template is.  
Use Outreach Email Template
  • Customize outreach email

    Customization is what separates a spammer from a professional. Add in elements to show that your email is genuine and personalized. It could be details like adding the prospects name, mentioning a piece of work, and complementing it. This is going to acknowledge them that you have been following their work genuinely. Try to sound natural, and don’t be generic; that’s the key here. 
  • Get straight to the core

    Not everyone has all day long to read emails and reply to them, so be precise and cut to the point. At times the story building part before the main plot isn’t necessary and can harm more than good. Keep your emails concise. 
  • Mention mutual contacts

    Mentioning a mutual contact can add some credibility to you and earn a form of trust. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone close; mentioning mutual contacts is only going to make sure you both have a common ground. 
  • Be clear about your ideas

    Not giving a clear picture about your idea is a common mistake prevalent in sending outreach emails. You have to give clarity about the ideas you are presenting and what you want from the prospect. You have to let the prospect acknowledge how he/she can be of any help to you. Therefore, be clear about what you present to the table, make it short & neat. 
  • A gripping sign-off

    So now that you have had the attention of your prospect all along, how do you close out? Keep in mind that this is your last chance to impress and get the most out of it. Again try to be creative, go with multiple closing lines with different prospects, and see what works best for you.
  • Use an email outreach tool

    Using email outreach tools can help you scale faster and save a lot of time spent sending outreach emails. Outreach tools can help you with your outreach campaigns and can even target SEO and link-building outreach. 

12 Best Email Outreach Tools

1. Saleshandy

Vouched for as one of the best tools for email outreach, Saleshandy has been quite helpful in increasing email productivity and has been a go-to software solution for marketers, sales representatives, bloggers, recruiters, and many other professionals. It is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, G Suite, and other email providers. 

  • Saleshandy offers few qualitative features like automated followups, mail merge email personalization, outreach email templates, email tracking and much more. 
  • It also provides advanced analytics essential for email statistics like open rates, response rates, bounce rates, etc. 

It has a free plan and an enterprise plan at $59 with advanced features.

Touted as one of the best outreach tools in the market, it is widely used by people to grow a particular sales pipeline and for engaging with different prospects like bloggers, influencers and executives.
  •  Some of the key features of include smart follow-up, sales integrations and the global outreach sidebar. 
Price has customized pricing plans for users. Do contact them for your customized plan. 

3. SmartReach

A perfect tool for cold email outreach purposes, SmartReach makes sure that your emails are sent to your recipient’s inbox instead of hitting the spam folders. 

  • Prospect feed is one feature that is notable in SmartReach. It can track and manage the users’ activity, confirm and produce the reply and open rates of your campaign. 

The basic plan starts at $24, while the highest plan is priced at $59 with advanced features. 

4. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is once again one of those popular outreach tools that bloggers use to build a positive relationship with the blogging community and the influencers in general. 

  • PitchBox is an integrated application with some of the best SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahref and Moz. It allows users to create a strong pipeline for bloggers, executives, and influencers in an instant. Not only does it support email campaigns, but it helps you with link building too. 
  • Other added features of Pitchbox include scheduling outreach and personalization of emails. 

Pitchbox has a customized pricing plan for its users. Do get in touch with them to get your customized plan.

5. Ninjaoutreach

Ninjaoutreach is a smart and intelligent analytics platform and is prime in influencer marketing. If you are into email marketing, you would have come across this tool, and we can’t agree more. 

  • An inbuilt database of contacts helps you find the email addresses of the perfect prospect of your niche. 
  • In addition, it has an in-built email finder and an in-application inbox that allows you to communicate with people.

The basic plan starts at $120, while the highest plan is priced at $399. 

6. Lemlist

Just Like email outreach tool, Lemlist also comes with basic features like automation, scheduling, and follow-up that differentiates Lemlist from other tools is its lemwarm feature. This feature allows users to automate their email warmup for newly drafted emails.  

  • Apart from the basic features, Lemlist can help you set up a custom domain for you in seconds.
  • . Lemlist also has CRM integrations. Salesforce, Pipedrive, bouncer are some to name. 

The starting plan would be $29, and the highest plan would be at $99. 

7. Mixmax

Mixmax has an efficient email tracking software that allows users to get notified as soon as the recipient opens their message with real-time alerts. You can even get notified about the individuals who have viewed your message if it’s a group chat. This allows acute follow-up after contacting people. 

  • Precise email tracking is easily one of their best features. You can also try to view the performance of your attachments from an individual and your links. 
  • Tracking opened emails gives you insights into an increased engagement and replies from your recipients. Users can create adjustable alerts according to their engagement through slack, texts or emails. 

Mixmax provides a free plan while their highest plan being $49; they also provide custom price plans. 

8. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is an email outreach tool designed to reach out to a large audience through email campaigns and follow-ups. Woodpecker allows integrations with Gmail, IMAP and outlook. 

  • Woodpecker has a unique feature where it gives you access to split your agency and personal work. 
  • To integrate all the large amount of data, Woodpecker does integrate with CRM and simplifies your work. 
  • Other added features include smart sending, reply detection and email sequencing. 

The basic plan starts at $40 and the pro plan at $50. Woodpecker also allows custom pricing plans. 

9. is a compact email outreach tool for recruiters, executives, marketers for reaching a large audience. comes with an in-built domain search that allows users to search for emails based upon the company’s name or the domain.
  • Some of the special features that make stand out from the rest of the outreach tools are that it is an email finder, a verifier to verify the extracted emails, and a tech checker to know what type of technology is being used by prospects

The basic plan starts at $39, and the highest plan is priced at $199.

10. Yesware

Yesware is a modern tool to schedule meetings with prospects, follow up and build relationships right at the convenience of your inbox. 

  • Yesware provides some key features like email tracking, prospecting campaigns, schedule meetings, tracking attachments, integrations, and a lot more. 
  • Some other features include activity tracking, campaign reporting, outreach email template reporting, and more. 

The basic plan starts at $15, while the enterprise plan is priced at $65

11. Klenty

Klenty is an efficient tool that allows users to send customized email campaigns based upon the user’s schedule. Follow-up stages can also be added to the email campaign to make it productive. 

  • Apart from the basic features, Klenty possess a prospect management system to track and record an individual prospect’s activities. 
  • Klenty also has different integrations which assure the tool’s effectiveness. 

While the basic plan starts at $30, the premium plan is priced at $100

12. Mailshake

One of the top-rated email outreach tools in the market, widely used by marketers, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and more. An excellent tool to build relationships, expand the network and create brand awareness. 

  • Mailshake allows users to find prospects and set up cold email outreach campaigns. 
  • Mailshake gives out a complete insight into your campaign from email tracking, campaign bounce rate, clicks and even replies. 
  • Some other additional features include external integrations. It has a mobile application and allows split testing to test out and compare two different campaigns. 

While the basic plan starts at $39, the premium plan is $99. 

What to avoid while sending an outreach mail?

  • Mentioning the wrong name

    Seems like a pretty obvious aspect to not miss? Well, don’t be surprised. When you are scaling large and communicating with a large group of prospects, you can face this issue, and it will not end up well. Always proofread your composition of emails and check the name right before you send it.
  • Don’t spam with information

    Be clear about your ideas and what you are trying to say. Space out your content within the email for better visibility and make your composition as presentable as possible. Learn new techniques and practices on composing emails in the best way possible to grab attention. It’s a skill to master too!
  • Making the conversation all about you

    Probably the most common mistake made by marketers in general. Yes, you do have to talk about what you’re trying to sell and pitch in, but you have to realize that you are reaching out to prospects to recruit them, and they have to know what’s in an email that can benefit them. Once the recipient finds that he has something to benefit from this email, you earn their attention at that point. 
  • Don’t nag

    Once you have reached out to an individual, it’s okay to follow up once, but do not keep nagging a prospect. Maybe, they don’t see how you could help them, and your model might not be a perfect fit for them. But that’s okay. Don’t get negative and try to contact the right fit who might connect with you. You try and then learn, but never nag an individual because it can affect your business in the long run.

How will SalesQl help you with your email outreach?

SalesQl is an automated Email finder and helps you extract contact details like email addresses and phone numbers needed to perform email outreach. Be it personal or work numbers and email addresses, SalesQl can help you extract the verified contacts to ease and speed up your email outreach process. Thus, helping you to scale faster. 


When you try to begin with email outreach, learn to practice the basic skills from composing the email in the best way possible, presenting and spacing it well enough, and being on point with your content. Then, try using Email finders to get email addresses instantly, and try using free plans & trial versions of Outreach tools to see what best fits your module. Now that you have a blueprint, you are all set to begin with your email outreach. Good luck!

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