In the spur of generating leads and expanding your network, you can find yourself in a position where you run out of LinkedIn connection requests and seem lost. Trust me, all marketers and professionals trying to expand their network face this issue, and here are a few efficient hacks to combat it. 

Current LinkedIn connection request limitations

Current LinkedIn connection request limitations

The limitations and restrictions of LinkedIn connection requests have kept changing and what used to be 3000 connection requests a month, that is 100 connection requests a day has come to just 400 connections a month and that’s just 100 requests a week in 2021. If you still intend to connect with individuals exceeding your limit, then you’ll either have to just follow them to view their posts or you can prefer to send an Inmail to them. 

This depends upon your priority and need. However, you could choose to wait for a week to send them an invite again to connect with them. 

Although LinkedIn has implemented these newly found restrictions to avoid spamming and bring in the authenticity of connections, this update affects many people who run automated campaigns based on connection requests and messages. 

How is the current connection request limits affecting users?

If you’re just a casual LinkedIn user, you wouldn’t exactly see a problem with this new update, but this limit in Linkedin connection requests is a downgrade and a major limiting factor for marketers and people who need to expand their connections and network to excel in their domain. People who run automated campaigns through messages and connection requests are put to test as 100 LinkedIn invitations a week is nowhere near their targeted number for scaling. 

This forces people to automatically spend on Inmails and premium accounts while sending Inmails to your potential leads can be exceptionally expensive and not practical for most. This puts anybody who is trying to scale their business in a box, not allowing them to put their strategies to the best use. 

However don’t fret, we got you with 6 super-efficient hacks to bypass the LinkedIn connection request limits. 

Alternative hacks to avoid connection request limitations

1. Send Inmails

Send Inmails

 Say you are trying to contact a person who is not in your network or connections, then you can choose to send an Inmail. An Inmail is an exclusive premium messaging service that is a part of LinkedIn and you can get access to this feature, provided you have a premium account. 

Inmails allow you to send customized personal messages to your potential leads without the need to connect with them. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your LinkedIn weekly invitation limit and can save so much time without having to wait till you get access to connect with people. 

Although you can send Inmails to people without connecting with them, Inmails also have limitations according to the subscription plan you have opted for. From making multiple payments for communication, having an expensive cost structure, and a limitation on the number of Inmails per month, Linkedin’s Inmails do have their set of drawbacks.  

2. Premium/sales navigator 

If you are working on building your connections & network and your aim is to scale and expand your network and connections, getting a premium LinkedIn account or a sales navigator will be a worthy option. The benefits do equalize the cost of it. 

If you have a premium or sales navigator account, you can send up to 800 free Inmails to people who also have an open premium LinkedIn account. The best part is that almost 99% of premium accounts are open, so you’re good to go for the most. 

3. Email finders

Email finders

Email finders are probably the most efficient and cost-effective way to bypass your Linkedin connection request limits. Using email finders is a perfect way to find out the official and personal communication details of an individual. From personal and professional phone numbers to personal and professional email addresses, anything is accessible. You don’t have to connect with the individual to even access these details. 

Keep in mind that professionals always stay on track with their mails and your mails to them are going to have a successful open rate and you can trust that. SalesQL,, etc. are great choices for email finders.

4. Request for more Linkedin Connection Requests

Request for more Linkedin Connection Requests

Now, if you do not wish to follow the above methods and they don’t seem to suit your ideas and strategies, then you can always contact LinkedIn’s support and request more LinkedIn connection requests as per your needs. If you’re a premium LinkedIn user, then your response rate might be a little quicker than the free user. 

Typically your waiting period might range from 2-4 days for a response from the support team. But, your request will be attended without fail. Note that you can only request again after 30 days from your previous request date.

5. Don’t depend on a single channel for lead generation 

Don’t depend on a single channel for lead generation

LinkedIn is evidently an effective and well-structured tool for lead generation purposes. However, depending upon a single platform for your lead generation and networking purposes can put you at a disadvantage sometimes due to the limitations and restrictions. 

So, how to avoid LinkedIn restrictions? You try to take complete advantage of the other social platforms and continue expanding your network. Most people are available and open on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook so try to exploit all the sources and don’t settle for one.

6. Ask other users to invite you

Now if you don’t seem to play well along with the other strategies, the last option to resort to is to ask others to invite you. You could ask your potential connections to send you an invite by providing your link and email address to communicate with. 

Now, this is not how to connect on LinkedIn without knowing the person but hey, something is better than nothing, and at least your leads might appreciate your hustle.

How to avoid running out of invitations?

  • Do not spam

While there might be so many professionals out there, your invitations are only so few. Therefore try to analyze and study individuals who might be a good fit to connect with. Randomly connecting with everyone can cause you many high-value potential leads. Connect only with people you know as sometimes people do not accept invitations of unknown people and this can also be a waste of time and invitations for you and you can’t afford to go through that.

Sending out random invites not only depletes your invitations but also decreases your value in the platform. LinkedIn’s connection request algorithm earlier used to work upon the positive responses of your connections. Therefore send out requests only to people you know and people who work in your domain. 

  • Prioritize leads

It is important to study leads and assess them so that you understand how important an individual is. You have limitations and restrictions on how many people you can send out connection requests to, so be mindful of whom you add and allow in your network. Learn to prioritize who is important to you and who needs to be in-network at the moment to make the most out of the connection. 

How can SalesQl help you surpass Linkedin connection request limitation?

Surpass Linkedin connection request limitation

As a certified email finding tool that exclusively works head-on with LinkedIn, SalesQL helps you to bypass the LinkedIn connection request limit and restrictions by finding the contact details of an individual without the need to connect with them. 

This automatically eliminates your need to worry about all the restrictions and limitations. From personal and professional email addresses to personal and professional contact numbers, all contact details of an individual can be extracted from an individual’s LinkedIn page. 

Since they are extracted from LinkedIn, they are 100% verified and authentic details of your prospects. And the best part? It is a way more economical and precise option to choose from than any other mode of lead generation. SalesQl also has a free-of-cost option where you could try first and explore the application and then move on to upgrade and unlock the privileged benefits of the tool. Cheers!


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